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Career changing lawyers: Why the way you think is holding you back

Are you feeling stuck right now as you contemplate the idea of changing careers or making a big move within law? If you are, it is probably because you are trying to solve your career change problem with the wrong type of thinking. You see, the problem you are facing is complex, but you are […]

How lawyers can achieve a minimum viable change of career

When you can’t stand your current job, it’s totally natural for your thoughts to turn to alternative careers that are a million miles away from what you currently do. Just think about a time when you were stuck in the middle of some never-ending litigation nightmare or pulling all-nighters to close a deal that you […]

Lawyers: 15 signs that it might be time for a career change

I’ve been doing some advertising lately on Facebook for a course on career change and it’s clear from the response that the idea hits home with many lawyers. Of course, the question of whether you should look for a new role or even quit the law completely is a complex one and will depend entirely […]

The science of coaching, change and professional and career development

This is a continually updated page containing details of some of the best and most relevant research into various areas of personal and professional development, career development, coaching, leadership and behavioural change. Where a pdf of the relevant article is freely available online I have linked to that pdf. But be aware that these links […]

Reflections on Dealing with Stress

One of the most useful ways of understanding stress is to think of it as the response that occurs when we perceive that we don’t have the resources to cope with whatever challenge we’re presented with. When this happens, we feel threatened and it is this feeling that sets off our ‘fight or flight’ response […]

Try these tips for development planning in an uncertain world

Some recent work I’ve been involved in threw up an interesting statistic about career development planning. In a survey of staff attitudes on the subject, 72% of staff members were of the opinion that their development planning was the responsibility of their line manager. At the same time, one of the complaints I have heard […]

The paradox of change

We have a fascinating relationship with change. We very often resist change and sometimes, usually out of fear, we’ll fight hard against it, even when we know that what change brings about might be better for us in the long run. Yet we also place a high value on change. We honour great change agents […]

Turn and face the strain: is this the secret to success with personal change?

Engaging in meaningful, self-focused personal change is at the heart of any kind of serious personal and professional development. It might be a change in your habits, a change in your behaviours or a change in the way that you typically think about things. Whatever it is, if you are going to be successful …

A lesson in perspective taking from Amelia, aged 6 and half

Saturday mornings are hectic in our house. The children are awake early, we have a quick breakfast and then we Skype my family on the other side of the world. After that there’s the kitchen clean up, beds to be made, washing to go in the machine. We then have to get two girls ready […]